Early in the morning

Personally I love staying in bed, is one of my favorite place in the house , and I think it’s a real luxury wake up and spending some time relaxing in bed. Anyway I have to grudgingly admit that waking up early in the morning has its positives. For  some not interesting reason , I needed to start my day at 5:30 in the morning and I could notice three things that even if I didn’t enjoy doing it, they made me appreciate get up early in the morning.


Actually it seems that the hours have some extra minutes. You will notice that in few hours you will have done everything that you established for that day  so you are going to spend more time taking care of yourself, doing something new or whatever you want. In general you can de-stressed your brain because you will be not on hurry anymore.


Most of the people wake up shortly before the time they start working. Let’s say that they reserve  just the time to prepare themselves and eat something fast. Get out of bed is already enough hard, doing it just thinking of going fast because it’s almost time to work, certainly doesn’t makes it better. Indeed having time to read the newspaper, make the sun salutation or make a three Michelin stars breakfast and then choose the right pair of sox, improves a lot the whole week. You will have less  impression of  spending your own time only working, waiting the week end to live again


Ok it sounds like an invalid reason to wake up in the dawn, I assure you it is not. Wherever in the world you live, the colors of the sunrise are beautiful for sure and enjoying  that moment of calm before that everything starts, makes peace with the idea that you have to get out of bed..

So let’s fill your favorite cup and go by the window thinking about all those eyes that are still closed and they don’t know what they’re missing.