Gratitude for the little things

One of the feelings that is most underestimated in our time is gratitude. And it is a real shame, because realizing that you are lucky and being grateful to God, to the universe or whatever you want, has multiple positive sides, especially speaking about  anxiety.

1Positive thinking: mode on

Being grateful for everything we have, are or surrounds us, places our brain in a state of grace that we will be more positive and optimistic. If ourselves and the whole world are full of wonderful things, certainly others will continue to happen.

2 Self-esteem: mode on

Obviously, if we begin to notice how many beautiful things we have and how wonderful we are, we will be convinced that we are unique and special people, aware of how much they are worth and this is a real boost for self-esteem.

3Energy: mode on

If self-esteem and positive thinking are at the highest levels, well my gentlemen we can really consider ourselves as super heroes. We will feel energized and ready to face anything with the belief that everything will be fine underneath

To exercise gratitude, it is enough to notice the little things that surround us and that make every moment of the day special. Obviously, we can’t spend all day rejoicing in everything, otherwise the risk of being deranged is very high.

I solved it like this

•  In the morning I sit on the bed and before putting my feet on the ground I say at least three things for which I am really grateful among all the ones I have.

•  In the evening, when I get under the covers, I think of at least three things for which I am grateful among all those that have happened to me during the day,actually I like to make a small ranking from third to first place.( the first place is for my favourite thing in the day)

As the days went by, I realized that I was noticing many more special moments during my day, perhaps while I was in the car or waiting for someone or something.

Life is made up of small moments of happiness, that’s probably why it’s worth getting excited about the little things.


One of the best tips that someone gave me was undoubtedly about limits. I’ve learned that people need to be given limits so they know how to move when dealing with me, but mostly because I loathe myself a little less.

Yes, because letting people feel free to do what they want creates a double problem: on the one hand they will probably take advantage of you, on the other you will blame yourself for allowing them to do so. In any case you will be deeply annoyed by this situation, but increasingly unable to control it because in a short time being ‘accommodating’ will make us pass for those who always say yes.

What bothered me the most, however, was my inability to assert myself, until I understood one thing: if I have no respect for myself, who should have it?

So I decided that there would be three simple rules that I should always keep in mind

1 Hours of work

Especially those who have a job as an employee, but many times all the others too, will have seen that in the workplace there is a tendency to ask for more and more.

In my opinion, this is not right, if only if it happens on a regular basis. We feel that exceptionally a person stops more hours than he should in the workplace, but I think it is better not to make it an habit. For example, I gave a limit to the weekly hours I was willing to do and began to say no when requests were beginning to be too frequent. In this way, others have also adjusted accordingly, and requests have quickly become more respectful. It is right to work, it is nice to engage and give your best in your work, but the day must also be made of something else.

2 La famiglia

Whether it’s yours or who accompanies you sometimes let’s face it, we leaves too much space for them.  It does not mean not to love him, it does not mean not to be available, but surely, a little, some limits must be put. Maybe within time limits, I can call you or visit you, but I may not always have much time, maybe limit the topics of discussion, because it is right once you reach a certain age not to accept certain criticisms or behaviors anymore. In general, even if you want them a good soul, you still have to be able to free yourself and show that you mainly have a (private) life to live. A little healthy selfishness if we want to say so.

3 Say clearly ‘I don’t like you’

Someone much more famous than me ( but not more than the Beatles) says that the truth makes you free. Well let’s take the liberty of keeping away those we don’t like, telling them and acting accordingly. At the cost of sounding bad I admit that there are people who are not welcome in my house and therefore stay out of it.  It doesn’t mean I’m rude with them, but we both know there’s been a break point and things won’t be the same again. I no longer pretend that they are, no more pleasantries or phrases of circumstance. I only surround myself with those who make me feel good, the rest I keep politely at distance. As much as I can.

Being able to take these spaces really helps to de-stressed the brain because unpleasant situations will happen much less frequently, it is a bit like having an umbrella always with you even if you do not yet see clouds on the horizon. Don’t be afraid to put limits on the people around you, because it’s a sign of extreme respect in reality. For yourself mainly, but not only. Being clear, sincere and direct with others will earn you many points in terms of trust and reliability.  Let’s put it this way you can say that I have many flaws, but I am a clean person