The value of things

Marie kondo and the magical power of tidying up, because the environmental order is mental order. Part 2

Going forward with reading the book, I discovered some very bizarre habits (no Westerner can really feel comfortable greeting and thanking objects), but others that made me feel better. The most striking example for me is about the bag.  I’m the friend who when you need something, i get it out of my bag, from medication, to handkerchiefs,to a mini sewing kit. It makes me feel comfortable having everything, I like to know that if anyone needed anything I could help him.  I bring spare parts of clothes, pens, candies and all sorts of things (including something more….you never know) all invariably amassed at the bottom of the bag along with coin receipts, hairpins and strange powder that is there, but I don’t know where it came from.  Then following the advice of my new friend Marie, every day when I come home I empty my bag, I throw away everything I don’t need and I keep organized in sachets, purses other things with the zip all that interests me to carry with me

When I wondered why it relaxed me, I realized that it depended on me, i was valuing my wish. I like to be an organized person, I like to make myself useful, I like to be comfortable and not have to rush into looking for remedies that I could have at hand. So I took this state of grace around me, in the environments where I spend time, both the office, my car, my bathroom and I started to be the way I wanted to be considered by others. Yes, because being organised makes you efficient and being efficient makes you credible and being credible makes you trustworthy. All things that certainly come in some field come in handy.

That’s ,if I had to be honest, the habit of tidying up my things made me rather happy because it approached me to an ideal and this allowed me to make a big change: if before others saw me as chaotic, messy and let’s say it also a little lazy, a little at a time I began to be the precise, reliable and (almost) always efficient.

In addition, another aspect not to be underestimated, surrounding myself with well-kept, functioning and presentable objects as well as making me feel comfortable and give me confidence when I am with others, allows me to be particularly happy to see that I am surrounded by beautiful things that I like. It makes me think of the efforts made to obtain them and how much it was worth it and therefore in conclusion how lucky and capable I am, not totally inemen (some weeks I admit they are eternal Monday mornings). This greatly improves my approach to the world and therefore yes, even in my opinion the tidying up has magical powers.

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