Gratitude for the little things

One of the feelings that is most underestimated in our time is gratitude. And it is a real shame, because realizing that you are lucky and being grateful to God, to the universe or whatever you want, has multiple positive sides, especially speaking about  anxiety.

1Positive thinking: mode on

Being grateful for everything we have, are or surrounds us, places our brain in a state of grace that we will be more positive and optimistic. If ourselves and the whole world are full of wonderful things, certainly others will continue to happen.

2 Self-esteem: mode on

Obviously, if we begin to notice how many beautiful things we have and how wonderful we are, we will be convinced that we are unique and special people, aware of how much they are worth and this is a real boost for self-esteem.

3Energy: mode on

If self-esteem and positive thinking are at the highest levels, well my gentlemen we can really consider ourselves as super heroes. We will feel energized and ready to face anything with the belief that everything will be fine underneath

To exercise gratitude, it is enough to notice the little things that surround us and that make every moment of the day special. Obviously, we can’t spend all day rejoicing in everything, otherwise the risk of being deranged is very high.

I solved it like this

•  In the morning I sit on the bed and before putting my feet on the ground I say at least three things for which I am really grateful among all the ones I have.

•  In the evening, when I get under the covers, I think of at least three things for which I am grateful among all those that have happened to me during the day,actually I like to make a small ranking from third to first place.( the first place is for my favourite thing in the day)

As the days went by, I realized that I was noticing many more special moments during my day, perhaps while I was in the car or waiting for someone or something.

Life is made up of small moments of happiness, that’s probably why it’s worth getting excited about the little things.

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