Christmas Gifts

Christmas is absolutely on the podium of my favorite moments of the year. I like everything, the decorations, the lighted candles, the atmosphere and even the songs. But there is a but. That little chore we call Christmas presents.

Anxiety comes because you don’t have time, anxiety comes because you don’t have ideas or worse, you only have bad ideas. If for the first problem there is Amazon, for the second (and the third) I have some suggestions that, at least for me, allows you to always save yourself, like the light bulb that turns on at the last minute (and turns off a little agitation ).

1 An Experience

In my opinion, giving an experience is always the best idea. Even better, if the experience can be shared with those who conceived and gave it. From the ethnic dinner to the concert ticket, passing through the horseback ride. Giving a moment to spend together, doing something special, is always a winning move especially because it is well known that a memory is forever (free reinterpretation).

2 Something beautiful

Very difficult to make a useful gift, much easier to guess a beautiful gift. After all, we all know what is beautiful: a bottle of Italian wine, make-up by a great French designer, an accessory in a precious fabric. In this case, you are given a cuddle, a small thing that maybe a person would never buy, but having it, would make them feel incredibly good and maybe even a little important (and spoiled). Plus, you might be spending less than you think.

3 Subscriptions

This, in my opinion, is the perfect combination of the previous two points. On the one hand, you are given an experience, but at the same time also a little cuddle. Whether it is a theater or magazine subscription, which includes the evening cinema or the morning newspaper, in any case, you are given a thoughtful and personal gift that will surely impress.

Since we are all better at Christmas, I thought I could also give you an extra tip than usual, mentioning the famous category of handmade gifts. After thinking about it a lot, however, I decided that I will not do it, it would be a lie. Indeed, if I made a ranking of gifts not to do I would certainly include it among the top three, between the gift of a sexual nature and the recycled one.

The truth about handmade gifts for me is only one: I really love receiving them, but I don’t think I would be able to give them. If  something done with my hands doesn’t like, it would send me into paranoia, and even if I was showered with praise, I would probably think ,deep down, that they are exaggerating. In short, all too complicated

Christmas is the time to be calm, to stop and look at everything beautiful we have and surrounds us, to feel how much people  want to show affection most of all. Let’s never forget that.

Happy Holidays.

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